Got your inventory under control?
Now control your pricing

Using Linnworks as an Order and Inventory management system?

Adding a repricer that provides full integration with Linnworks gets you to the next level of control over your profitability

More than 120 customers have already achieved better business results using Aimondo

In 60 days of using  Aimondo Linnworks repricer 

Our A/B tests with actual customers' data show the incredible impact Aimondo repricer has on Linnworks' customers bottom-line

Operating Profit Increase


Using Aimondo repricer with your Linnworks inventory management environment is able to yield a 20% operation profit increase within 60 days. 

Better Brand Positioning

Brands and manufacturers using Linnworks to sell online are able to get 18% improve in their category positioning using Aimondo repricer.


You're 4 steps away from taking profitability of your online operations to the next level

Step one. Demo call


Book a demo to see how Aimondo repricer can generate more profit from every item you sell by dynamically adjusting your prices.

Step two. Real data


Get a FREE trial access to Aimondo repricer with just a few clicks within your Linnworks environment. Let us start getting actual data on your prices (products you're selling on Amazon, eBay, your own online store, other channels across any number of countries and markets)


Step three. Offer

Based on the number of items you want to track prices for, the number of automations and the number of features you're up to you will get an estimation of your monthly bill for Aimondo Linnworks repricer.

Step four. Usage


You start using Aimondo by setting up your pricing strategies, alerts and stats view using our Strategies Wizard, or a dedicated personal manager who'll guide you through the onboarding process. From now on, you'll start making more from every item you sell.

Why choose Aimondo

Linnworks environment allows you to control your disrtibution on multiple marketplaces. Aimondo repricer takes your online selling strategies to the next level of profitability

Other repricers

Aimondo repricer

No integration with Linnworks. Siloed data, multiple dashboards

Two-click integration with your Linnworks environment. Fully automated onboarding

We build semantic matching using multiple data points (GTIN/EAN but also color, size, type, package, etc.)

GTIN/EAN match only. 45% of accurate matches are missing

We can track prices on any market, across all locations and channels (repricing for Amazon, repricing for eBay, repricing for Google etc.)

Single item - single price tracking mode. Tracking across one country or location only 

Email-only Customer Support, delays with troubleshooting, missed customer requests 

Dedicated Success Manager to help you get the most out of the service and automate the workflows

Schedule a free trial to see how Aimondo Linnworks repricer will help you grow faster

Ready to leverage your Linnworks environment and get in control over profitability? 

Stress-Free Multichannel Repricing

Dynamic repricing on all the platforms you sell using Linnworks. You get Amazon repricer, eBay repricer and Google repricer — all-in-one. In two clicks.

Instant Integration

No need to switch between the dashboards, build data exchange automations, upload and download files. Access Aimondo Linnworks repricer via Linnworks app marketplace. 

JustTeeShirts — the first UK-based company who enjoyed full Linnworks-Aimondo integration.

Our tools allows them to track hundreds of items across 6 different channels on 6 different markets and reprice them all in seconds.

— Alisdair Hunter, Head of Growth, Aimondo 


See how Aimondo repricer can help you leverage your Linnworks environment even more